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Brad Holmes,
Web Developer, Designer & Digital Marketer

A digital designer with a with a love for all things design, web design, online marketing, print, 3D and even video i love it all

I am a curious individual who is passionate about digital design and all things web. I am a habitual knowledge seeker who loves knowing how things work.


Firstly i like to keep it simple. whether it be in print with a flyer designer, online with an E-commerce store or in a promotional video, my goals are to focus on conveying the message that you want to send. Most importantly i absolutely love what i do and it comes across in all aspects of my work.

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I have been designing since the Macarena was a big thing and the internet made funny squeaky noises

I love new to push my own boundaries by pursuing new techniques everyday, whether it be web, 3d or video

For the last 3 years i have been a lead designer/developer for the UK biggest underground dance music brand

If i was on mastermind my specialist subject would be web design fads of the noughties, ive done them all


Hours a day i spend on the internet, researching, designing and creating


Coffee drinks i drink on average on a good week


Fonts i have collected over the years of collecting them on projects


Terrabytes of projects files i have designed and created over the years

Look at me.

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Listen to me.

So one of the only good things about getting old is the fact i have collected a lot of resources and i have decided to give them away who doesn't love free resources....

WordPress has built-in support for many file types but SVG is not one. Find out how you can achieve adding SVG's to your site....

How can my site drive more traffic or make more sales? The mother of all questions, Find out my thoughts on the subject...

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If you have a project that you want to get started, think you need my help with something or just fancy saying hey.

It doesn’t really matter what you want to talk about whether it be 3d graphics, web design, web development or you found an image of Elvis burnt on to your toast.

I am am pretty friendly, get in touch….