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Website Content is King

How can my site drive more traffic or make more sales?

The mother of all questions

I hear this questioned being asked a lot and depending who you ask you get a variety of answers. Asking a design team and the answer is likely to be let’s redesign your site its so 2018.

If you ask a web dev your answer is more likely to be a your site is garbage lets rebuild it

If you ask many ppc specialist the default answer will be to spend more cash.

Are they wrong?

In many cases yes, the only answer you should be hearing is solid content.

Content is king

To steal a a saying from one of my favourite clients “all I want is snazzy content” .

Snazzy content is often ignored like a drunk uncle at Christmas dinner but snazzy content covers almost all elements of what’s being asked.

Your design team are not looking for a full scale overhaul of your site, designers love working fresh ideas and if some of the content of your site is over a few weeks old its can already feel stale.

What’s Really being said

Refreshing your website content or adding new website content is the opportunity your designer is asking for, what’s really being said by the designers is let us deliver snazzy, new and engaging content for traffic to interact with.

Firstly your website doesn’t rebuild the site unless it really suck, solid content is all your web dev needs to be able to deliver great technical SEO against and therefore delivering more organic traffic and to sit in the corner playing with his new middleware.

Generally if your traffic is stalling the quickest win is to increase spend but no ppc specialist wants to increase spend to deliver the same results that’s just embarrassing. 

New fresh and engaging content

Snazzy content delivers everything that your web dev, designers and ppc managers are asking for.

Snazzy content + good seo + clever spend = more traffic and more sales

Go out and ask any good seo specialist right now what you need to do and the answer is content.

However for years many online stores have just been hard sell, here’s my product, here’s my buy button, checkout now.

This has been driven by Joe bloggs wanting the shortest route to checkout and I have no argument with that.

I love a quick conclusion (ask my wife)

If you are not delivering something interesting, how is Joe going to find you in an over saturated online world.

This may be a great checkout journey but pointless having the best checkout journey in the universe if you don’t have the traffic.

So what can I do?

I want more sales but I don’t want slow user journey?

its pretty simple

Basically talk to the right people, get the right answers.

And the right answer is content.

Taking my own advice, i am currently in the middle of updating all content across

so if your interested in my ramblings or what i do check back real soon and see what i have coming, trust me it will be mildly interesting.